NEOONL 2021- 2022 Strategic Plan

NEOONL 2021- 2022 Strategic Plan

OONL Strategic Priorities & Strategies NEOONL Strategic Priorities & Strategies
Priority 1: Diversity/Equity/Inclusion
  1.  Establish Diversity/Equity/Inclusion as an OONL Committee (will include a bylaws change and approval) and
  2. Adopt AONL’s Diversity and Belonging Committee mission, vision, and conceptual framework, and
  3. Begin recruiting committee members from each regional chapter.
Priority 2:  Advocacy on Future Nursing Pipeline

   1. Build strategic & Regional alliances with academic partners to remove barriers &  improve nursing pipeline.

    2. Develop strategy/legislation
to enhance programs to
build our pipeline

   3. Enhance creative practice pathways to retain clinical experts in direct care clinical nurse role.

Priority 3:  Workforce Wellness/Engagement

   1. Develop leadership strategy to improve workplace environment promoting care of body, mind and spirit of nursing professionals.

    2. Support strategy & legislation to reduce and/or eliminate workplace violence and moral distress.

   3. Participate and gain strategy for Clinician Wellbeing in partnership with Ohio State University Collaborative.

Priority 4: Professional Development & Growth 
  1. Leverage data analytical tools to identify educational needs.

  2. Facilitate opportunity for virtual and live learning.

  3. Promote professional development in Wellness
    & Resilience.

  4. Support education to improve equity in care & reduce workplace violence. 

Priority 5: Engagement/Brand Recognition


    1. Revitalize OONL Value Proposition

    2. Streamline regional and OONL membership rosters.

    3. Strengthen engagement and collaboration with CNO’s & regional chapters.

    4. Improve communication and integration with regional chapters.