Congratulations to our 2019 Inspiring Nurse Leaders!

Submitted by NEOONL on Mon, 01/13/2020 - 4:13pm

Kyle Fannin MSN, BSN, RN- Aultman Alliance Community Hospital

Kyle Fannin received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Human Resources, Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Kent State University, and his master’s in science of Nursing from Waynesburg University. He leads the Cancer Committee of Aultman Alliance Community Hospital and the Sepsis Project.

 Kyle enjoys the business focus of healthcare operations.  He has a genuine personality and is a natural “people person.”  He has been an informal transformational leader through his leadership of the ROC (Revitalizing Our Culture) Team, a Shared Governance Committee, while he worked as a staff RN in the Emergency Department.  Kyle chose to grow in his career path and is now the Clinical Coordinator of the Inpatient Unit, Outpatient Special Procedure Unit, Palliative Care and Oncology.  He is head of the Cancer Committee and manages the hiring, orientation, and financial responsibilities of contracted nurses for the organization.  Kyle has well developed verbal and non-verbal communication skills that, added to his quick wit, make him an outstanding orator.  His vast knowledge and communication skills along with his visionary inspirations/aspirations for where he sees his units/organization going are an inspiration to not only his staff but for fellow managerial colleagues as well.  Kyle’s proficient management of projects with enthusiasm and finesse makes him an easy choice for grooming to career ladder positions.  Kyle volunteers and works with children and adolescents who have diabetes, teaching insulin pump usage he enjoys soccer with his young son, spending time with his young daughter and wife, and reading voraciously.  Kyle also volunteers for the Cancer Society, participating in Relay for Life and Carnation Days in the Park

Tyler Reichterman MSN, BSN, RN  Aultman Hospital

Tyler received his Bachelor of Nursing degree from Walsh University and holds a certification in Progressive Care Nursing (PCCN).  He is also an active member of North East Ohio Organization of Nurse Executives, American Association of Critical Care Nurses, Director Facilitator for the Falls Committee in 2017 and 2018, and Director Facilitator for the Nursing Care Council in 2019.

Tyler has held several positions within the organization and has been recognized as a successful leader in every role. He served as Director facilitator on the Falls Committee for 2 years.  Through his leadership the interdisciplinary committee used evidence based research to change dosing times and medication combinations for specific medications, implemented Delirium screening, saw a reduction in staff injuries related to falls and participated in the community 10 million steps campaign with internal and external education.  These accomplishments lead to a 12% reduction in falls from the previous year.  His current responsibilities include oversight for the Clinical Budget for nursing and the Clinical Resource Office centralized staffing model.  He has had many challenges over the last year with the transition into his new role.  He has worked to coordinate and develop communication between his peers; education, training, and competency; resource acquisition and allocation, including staff; and policies for multiple areas and disciplines. He calmly and steadfastly supported his team and the implementation goals of the new staffing and scheduling process and has successfully reduced the amount of overtime utilized in the clinical areas by the efficient use of resources.   Tyler is an expert at building relationships with frequent encouragement by positive and constructive feedback. He takes the attitude of how we can accomplish our goal rather than focusing on roadblocks.  His confidence in his own abilities as well as the abilities of his team inspires respect and loyalty from direct reports, former reports, and other division team members. He seeks to improve services under his responsibility by researching innovative methods to better implement quality initiatives within the organization.  An example of this attribute is gaining approval to implement a Quality Coaching program and coordinating a centralized staffing office that includes 24-hour clinical support.  He has achieved this by interacting with executive leadership, physician champions and staff, listening with understanding to verify his understanding of processes. He is a keen observer, listener, and will not hesitate to ask questions.

Tyler started his career as a staff nurse at the Aultman Specialty Hospital. He clearly demonstrated leadership qualities which lead to his promotion as Unit Director over the Neuro-Spine Step Down unit and most recently Director over Clinical Business Operations, Infection Prevention, and IV Team.  This candidate remains calm, professional, and positive at all times. Although it is difficult to give constructive or negative feedback to subordinates and peers, he is able to focus on remaining respectful and concise. In the end, the message is that of a positive focus on growing and learning in order to move towards the objectives.  Tyler draws on and utilizes the strengths of team members. He admits that he is “not the expert” and relies on Knowledge experts for input. He is a transformational leader that establishes a positive and democratic leadership process when tackling most situations. One example is his support of the Infection Prevention program. He has used evidence-based and innovative methods to restructure the team and has participated in ongoing training for himself as well.   He takes pride in recognizing anyone and everyone for a job well done. It is not uncommon for him to stop to lend words of encouragement to staff and peers. He demonstrates genuine interest in the professional and personal aspects of staff and peers. This leadership style sets a great example as a mentor for other aspiring leaders.  Tyler has in the past, and continues to mentor peers regarding the clinical budget and staffing guidelines.  He was an integral role in mentoring and developing his replacement as Director of the Neuro-Spine Unit during his transition.

Tyler promotes excellence not only within the organization but also in the community as well.  He participates and/or volunteers in the Adopt-A-Need, Safety First education for all first graders of Stark County and United Way of Stark County.  He also volunteers to coach for several different little league sports.  This candidate is an active member of his church where is serves as an usher and also on a committee whose goals are to foster staff and Parrish relationships.  

Tyler is valued and admired for the leadership he provides and his thoughtfulness of others.  He is soft spoken yet confident.  Although his clinical, organizational, and management skills are obvious, he is very humble. He credits staff for team accomplishments and prefers to remain in the background.  As people have a differing of opinions, he always remains calm and is able to reach an agreement and do so in a respectful manner.   Tyler is very deserving of this award.